Start developing your organization’s wellbeing today

Do you know your organization’s work wellbeing index?

Developing the wellbeing at work always starts with an evaluation of the present state. For this purpose we have developed the KivaQ® work wellbeing questionnaire with which you measure and analyse your organization’s work wellbeing faster and easier than ever before. When studying the real time results from the KivaQ® work wellbeing questionnaire you learn if there is some need for developing the work wellbeing in your organization.

KivaQ® – work wellbeing questionnaire

How can you improve your organization’s wellbeing?

By developing the wellbeing at work you create a valued organization highly appreciated by the employees. At the same time you create an organization where the total productivity and the profitability increase and the competitiveness rises. This can be accomplished by developing the work wellbeing with a participative method where the work teams themselves find actions for improving their own wellbeing at work. Read more about our Metal Age® workshops for developing the work wellbeing and the possibilities for your organization to thrive.

Metal Age® – workshops for developing the wellbeing at work

We also educate Metal Age® facilitators and hold seminars on different topics in the area of work wellbeing.