KivaQ® – work wellbeing survey

Developing the work wellbeing starts with an evaluation of the present state. When you know where you are it is easier to move forward. For this purpose we have developed the KivaQ work wellbeing survey – a short, but comprehensive tool for measuring and analyzing the work wellbeing in your organization.

KivaQ is developed for practical use and it is the easiest and most cost efficient tool for measuring and analyzing the wellbeing in your organization. From now on you don’t have to invest in software licenses or connection fees. You don’t have to worry about hiring external consultants or wait for the survey results to be delivered. With KivaQ you measure and analyze your employees work wellbeing faster, easier, and more inexpensive than ever before. We give you unlimited use of all the features – you only pay for the survey you order. 

Learn more on and measure your organization’s work wellbeing today!

The easiest way to measure and analyze the work wellbeing in your organization

  • you get 7 standard questions measuring wellbeing at work
  • you can add questions of your own
  • the survey is ready to use immediately
  • the results can be analyzed in real-time