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A Metal Age® facilitator is a work wellbeing expert who assists the work units in navigation towards wellbeing at work. The facilitator acts as a neutral adviser helping the work units and work teams to find their development areas and the concrete actions needed. The facilitators task is not to give ready solutions and answers because every work team is unique and the best knowledge stems from inside the team.

All our Metal Age® facilitators have successfully completed our company’s facilitator training.

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Ove Näsman

MD. Ove Näsman, Specialist in Occupational Health is the founder of Mediona and the developer of the Metal Age® method. Ove is responsible for the training of all new Metal Age® facilitators and when possible he also facilitates Metal Age® workshops. Ove has made an extensive career in developing wellbeing at work and is among the most respected persons in that field.

Peter Jensén

Peter is a registered family psychotherapist and a work counselor. He facilitates Metal Age® workshops and offers work counseling sessions for individuals. Peter also has years of experience from relationship counseling.

Metal Age® facilitators elsewhere

Mediona has trained almost 300 Metal Age® facilitators. Some of these operate in Sweden, Estonia and Latvia. A person who has successfully completed our Metal Age® facilitator training is free to use the method in his work without any license. All new Metal Age® facilitators are trained by the developer of the Metal Age® method, MD. Ove Näsman, Specialist in Occupational Health.

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