What is Metal Age®?

Metal Age® is a structured method for developing the wellbeing at work and through that improving the profitability of and the prodoctivity in the organizations. The Metal Age® method brings to the work places concrete, tailored and practical actions for developing the wellbeing among the personnel. An important part of the Metal Age® method is insuring the continuity of the development process through the follow-up sessions.

The Metal Age® method was first developed for the ageing metal workers in EU (therefore the name Metal Age). Today the method is successfully used in all industries and among all agegroups. The method is developed by the founder of Mediona, MD Ove Näsman (specialist in occupational health), in cooperation with professor emeritus Juhani Ilmarinen from the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health.

Why Metal Age®?

Metal Age® is a method that

–       through structured prioritization helps work units to find the most relevant development areas

–       helps focusing on solutions instead of problems

–       does not accept only words, but do demand concrete actions

–       gets everyone to participate in the development process and hence commit to the decisions made

–       does not only get you started, but do follow and guide your development regularly

Give your organization an opportunity to prosper!

Invest in Metal Age®!