Who should participate in the Metal Age® workshops?

The Metal Age® workshops are carried out on work-team or work-unit level. The definition of a team or unit depends on the organization. A team or a work unit can be for example the personnel of a daycare unit, a hospital department, the IT-unit or the executive group in a bigger organization, or the whole personnel in a small organization. As many as possible from one team, preferably all, should participate in the Metal Age® workshop. The boss/superior/team leader must participate. Normally one work team or work unit participating in the Metal Age® workshop consists of 6-35 people. The Metal Age® workshops are private so only your own team will be participating in the workshop.

What happens during the Metal Age® workshop?

During the Metal Age® workshop the participators focuses on developing their own wellbeing at work. This will ensure everyones interest and commitment to the task. One goal is to open the interaction among the members of the work team and through discussion create mutual understanding and willingness to create the collective wellbeing at work. The inclusive working methods and the focus on mutual agreement will prevent the development of resistance to change when implementing the actions agreed upon.

What happens after the Metal Age® workshop?

After the Metal Age® workshop the team implements the concrete actions agreed upon into their every day life in the organizations.  This usually takes 3-6 months, after which there is a follow-up measurement of the wellbeing at work and a follow-up meeting where the implemented actions are discussed with the facilitator. During the follow-up meeting the team also plans actions for the development area that got the next highest priority during the actual Metal Age® workshop. In this way continuity is added to the development process. Normally the whole Metal Age® process takes 1- 1,5 years, including 3 follow-up meetings.


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