Your work wellbeing expert

Mediona is a consulting company specialized in the area of work wellbeing. We offer your organization products and services for measuring and developing wellbeing at work.

We believe that concrete, practical, and tailored actions and collaborating leadership are in key positions in successful development of the work wellbeing in organizations. Our products have both scientifically and in practice proven to help organizations and their personnel towards even better work communities and higher wellbeing, total productivity and profitability.

Work Wellbeing from the Finnish Archipelago

Mediona is working together with Kasnäs Archipelago Spa to offer your organization the possibility to develop the work wellbeing in the heart of the beautiful archipelago of southwest Finland. All our services are offered both in Kasnäs and at the customer’s choice of premises. Read more about our collaboration with Kasnäs Archipelago Spa at The Archipelago Academy of Wellbeing at Work.  (currently only in finnish and swedish, please contact us directly for information in english)


The founder of Mediona is the well-known specialist in occupational health, MD Ove Näsman, who has over 30 years of experience from practical occupational healthcare and different areas of work wellbeing. Since 2010 he has been focusing solely on developing wellbeing at work in organizations.

Ove Näsman was the leader of the DRUVAN-project which was granted the national occupational safety award in 2007. Our Metal Age® workshop for developing work wellbeing and our KivaQ work wellbeing questionnaire where the main methods used during the project. 

In 2010 Ove Näsman was granted the “Work Wellbeing Achievement of the Year” award by the Finnish Association of Occupational Health Physicians for his commendable work with developing the Metal Age® method and the KivaQ work wellbeing questionnaire.